XenApp Fundamentals External Access Setup

I am trying to setup a Xenapp Fundamentals server (30 day trial).  This is a single server implementation that is behind a firewall.  internal address is, external is x.x.x.80.  We are using NAT to direct traffic to the internal IP.  

I am having what appears to be the fairly common issue of not being able to access published apps externally and the .ica file does contain the internal ip of the server.

I am looking for exactly what I need to do to resolve this?

Should the server be in basic or advanced mode or does it matter?  I see something about port forwarding on the firewall, can I get more specifics?  The server was originally in Gateway Direct mode?  What mode is required?

Ive tried making some changes in Access Management Console, but they dont seem to impact what is displayed in the Quick Start menu.  And Im not sure the changes are being applied to the system.

I apologize for all of the questions, this is my first try at Citrix.
Thanks for any help.
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If your server farm is behind a firewall, you can hide internal server addresses by performing the following tasks:

Map the internal IP address of each server to an external IP address
Specify the client addresses that use the translated address

To use this option, you must have a firewall with Network Address Translation (NAT) enabled.

To map the internal IP address of a server
Click Start > All Programs > Citrix > Management Consoles > Access Management Console.
Select the access server farm node and click Edit farm properties.
On the Presentation Server Farms page, select the farm and click Edit. The Presentation Server Farm Properties appear.
On the Address Mode page, click Address Translation.
Click New.
Enter the internal IP address and port of the XenApp server.
In the Translated address box, enter the external IP address and port that clients must use to connect to the server.
On the Address Mode page, click New to open the New Client Address Mode dialog box. Add the client IP address or range of addresses for the clients that use the translated address you just configured. Select Translated Address from the Server Address Mode list.
The Address Translation settings apply only to the specified client IP addresses on the Address Mode page.
lstankeAuthor Commented:
I dont seem to have these optoins in in AMC.  This is a single server installation using Access Essentials (Fundamentals).  I dont see farm propoerties of Address Mode.
Check this video, am unable to play it:


Also check this link if you get a clue:

Fundamentals of JavaScript

Learn the fundamentals of the popular programming language JavaScript so that you can explore the realm of web development.

lstankeAuthor Commented:
I ended up throwing in the towel and using Xenapp 5.0.  Much cleaner install for me.  thanks for input.

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lstankeAuthor Commented:
Changed application because gateway would not function correctly
lstankeAuthor Commented:
could not get other solutions to work
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