Cannot modify a table/query from Access.adp/SQL2008 database

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I have developed an Access.adp front-end client database that links to an SQL 2008 Express back-end database. The SQL 2008 Express resides on a Windows Server 2003 SP2 while the Access.adp front-end runs under Access 2007 on a Vista PC. Everything works as expected, ie views run, stored procedures execute, forms load etc. My problem is that the front-end won't let me modify the back-end SQL 2008 tables, views etc. I keep getting the followimg message
"This version of databasename.adp does not support changes with the version of Microsoft Server to which your Access Project is connected. See the Microsoft Web Site for the latest information and downloads. Your design changes will not be saved." If I need to modify the SQL 2008 Express tables, views, stored procedures etc I have to log onto the server, load the SQL 2008 Express application and do whatever changes I require.
I have developed a number of other Access.adp/SQL 2005 Express applications on the same Server/PC which work as expected. The problem appears to be related to SQL 2008 Express.
Can anyone advise me as to why the SQL 2008 Express version is acting this way and/or if I need to apply any software modification from Microsoft or if I need to update my version of Access/SQL Server 2003 etc

Many  thanks
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Many thanks for the above link. It is very informative and explains exactly what I'm encountering. I suppose I'll have to get a new version of Access.

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