Unit Testing Asp.net server control


1.I am familier unit testing the cs file, business logic and methods using VS 2008. We developed a Asp.net Server control and I am confused by how to unit test the Server control. Along with the business logic(ie methods in the control), how to unit test the UI(front end) and how to make the report is there are any discrepancies. How is unit testing the methods different from unit testing the UI.

2. Unit testing the ui means, just checking whether the ui is in accordance with the design document or fsd?

3.Is there any generic format for making the test report that includes test results. Could anyone please suggest/post some resources on this.

Thank You
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if your familiar with testing then you should use the same principles

for business acceptance testing you need to ensure that where ever that control is used it does not affect the business rules, allowed input, expected output, page flow etc

you would unit test that, there is a tool called nunitasp which might be handy for you. you want to make sure all the methods work as expected both positive and negative testing. unit testing is not just about the design document. you want to try break it and ensure your code can handle it, right error messages displayed etc hence the negative testing

for test reports/results etc is there no standard format your company uses?

typical things you would need for a test plan

test number, classification, platform, s/w version, test description, details of any inputs, expected outputs, method of test (manual or automated)

and the test results would fill in those details along with pass/fail, comments, date test ran, name of tester etc

There are tools out there that help with capturing this info like Quality Center but that costs money.

something here you may find useful


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