How come url is clickable in IE but not Firefox in the emails?

Thomas N
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When I send an email in Yahoo from IE the link is clickable. In Firefox, using the same email, if I put a link it isn't clickable & the other party has to copy & paste into the web browser. Is there a setting to change in Firefox so any link I put in will be clickable?
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Stacy SpearPresident/Principal Consultant

Could you post the code? IE is well known for interpreting what it thinks should be the case, while Firefox is following the standards.
write the complete URL for the link including the http://. The http:// alerts some programs that a link (rather than just letters) follows
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Do you insert LINKS or do you just type the url?

In yahoo I think you can do a link using a globe icon, like the (T) button in the editor here at EE
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Don't forget that whether a link is clickable also depends on the recipients email client, not just on the sender. I just logged into my Yahoo account and sent myself a simple test email containing a URL using both IE and Firefox, and in both cases the link came through as clickable in my mail client.

If you don't actually use the Yahoo interface to create a clickable link, but just rely on the browser or mail client to recognize the URL and format it as a link, you will definitely have problems like this now and then.

If you want your link to have the best chance of working with most mail clients, follow mplungjan's suggestion and enter it using the globe icon.

If you send the exact same message to two different people, one person might be able to click the link while another cannot. In fact, some mail clients are deliberately configured to disable links as a security measure.

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The easiest thing for me to do is just insert the link under the globe chain icon. Thank you.
Michel PlungjanIT Expert
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Actually for fun if you want to send me a message to the email in my profile - one just the url and the other a real link and I will see if my gmail in firefox and thunderbird allow a click
When you said "in firefox" do you mean in "yahoo messenger" in firefox?

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