Does Redhat Linux 4.5 has nethogs inettop iftop installed by default

My Redhat Linux box acts as gateway for files transfer between
my organization & another remote organization (which also has
a single point files transfer gateway)

Sometimes the network traffic shot up, so wondering are the best
ways to find out who & which programs are using up the bandwidth?
& if it's ftp protocol, I wud need to know the sender & recipient too

Is Redhat Linux 4.5 comes installed with nethogs inettop & iftop tools?
If not, where can I download copies that can be run straight away
(without compilation) & are they free of charge?

1)netstat -t -u –c   (show continuously tcp & udp traffics)
For 2-4, not sure if we hv the tools installed
2) nethogs (shows a list of the top processes which use network bandwidth)
3) jnettop (shows a list of the top connections)
4) iftop (shows a list of the top connections, with bandwidth bars)
5) netstat --tcp --numeric
6) netstat –i
7) netstat --statistics –raw
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Monis MontherSystem ArchitectCommented:
1- No they don't come installed by default

2- Check this site for RPMs that you can easily download and install

Click on advanced search and select the check boxes for RHEL4, CentOS4, Fedora 4,5 and others.
 Type the package name and hit search.

Good luck
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:

Nethogs is an open source program and free. But I'm afraid you2ll need to compile it because readily available RPMS are only for RHEL 5 not RHEL 4.

You need to compile it. You can find it here:

iftop is another Open Source free program. Yo can get the RPM's for your hardware here: 

Please select i386 or x64_86 architecture for you.

Jnottop is also open source and free you can get it here:

All three of them does not come with the installation media you need the download and install from respective providers.


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sunhuxAuthor Commented:     is broken (can't connect)

I would still like an rpm (ready to install)  for nethogs
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Monis MontherSystem ArchitectCommented:
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
>     is broken (can't connect)
> I would still like an rpm (ready to install)  for nethogs

I have presented current and working links for all the programs in my note http://#33926887

Yeah I want two Rolls-Royces but come on the reality is nobody has compiled it for RHEL4.5 which will be ending support soon.

sunhuxAuthor Commented:

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