Sql Distinct more than 1 coloum

hey i have a problem in my sql statment:

select catalog_id, min(id), min(prod_id), min(prod_title), min(prod_price), min(prod_description), min(prod_image)
  from Products
group by catalog_id

i need to select more than one coloum  but i can't pull the image coloum, can any one help me?
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Can you please elaborate on what you are after with some sample data rows?
What does that query not give you? (it has correct syntax)
JCWEBHOSTAuthor Commented:
i want an sql statement to display distinct rows :

here is my sql statment:

select DISTINCT  catalog_id, id from Products

catalog_id  id          
----------- -----------
20          25          
20          26          
20          27          
20          28          
20          29          
20          30          
20          31          
20          32          
20          33          
20          36          
20          39          
24          37          
24          38    

i want it to output  only 2 rows

catalog_id  id          
----------- -----------
20          25          
24          37

and i need to out more than 1 coloum e.g images, int varchar
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
you have not read my follow.comment here:http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Languages/SQL_Syntax/Q_26550512.html
select *
  from ( select t.*, row_number() over (partition by catalog_id order by id ) rn
          from yourtable t
  ) sq
where sq.rn = 1

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JCWEBHOSTAuthor Commented:
can you break that code down and make it easy to under stand? please
JCWEBHOSTAuthor Commented:
ok thanks now i understand
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
you could read this article to understand:
Are these easier to understand?
Works on MySQL as well.

select * from Products
where ID in
select min(id)
from Products
group by catalog_id


select p.*
select min(id) as MinID
from Products
group by catalog_id
) m inner join Products p on MinID=p.id
For performance sakes, you may want to consider using an exists() based correlated sub-select to get your min IDs.  I've done some performance testing and it is going to be faster.

JCWEBHOSTAuthor Commented:
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