Member server to domain server issue

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Hi Team,
     We are having two w2k3 R2 server Ent 32 bit. One PDC other ADC.
     Other two servers with w2k3 R2 Ent 64 bit as member servers.
      Around 800 clients.

 Now a days we are facing very frequent problem of member server not connecting with domain. Event ID 5723, Event ID 5805. Even clients also facing the problem of not logging in.
How to solve the issue? what will be the problem?.

I Dont know the default DNS settings to be on PDC and ADC. Strange thing is when i ping from
member server to domain we get the ping response from ADC not from PDC.
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The ping response is ok, the domain name will resolve to any DC.
- Verify that there no extra computer accounts in the domain (search for the computer names of the member servers)
- Verify that the computer accounts exists and that theres no firewall issues
- Verify that there are no duplicate entries in the DNS

What you also could check is that both DCs are presenting themselves correctly in DNS and that the member servers have the correct DNS settings (ie. pointing to the DC:s in most cases).

Btw. you couldnt post som examples of the errors? Would be nice to know if its Kerberos thats acting up or not.


Database1 and Database2 are member servers. TAN06 is the client.
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If you ping your domain few times you should receive various IP addresses (in your case PDC, ADC). Standard Round-Robin mechanism should work. What happens if you ping by IP your PDC? Does it respond?

Ok, I would do the following.
- Search the AD for DATABASE1 and DATABASE2 to ensure that there are no duplicate computer accounts.
- Remove the servers DATABASE1 and DATABASE2 from the domain
- Remove any computer accounts for DATABASE1 and DATABASE2 from the AD
- Rejoin DATABASE1 and DATABASE2 to the domain

You might also have a time sync issue with TAN06 and the DC:s. Make sure that the clients and servers all use the PDC for time sync and set the PDC to sync from whatever time server you wish to use (and trust).



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