Booting a PC directly into an RDP session

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Hi Guys,

We've got various different makes of PC's in the office that we're going to get the users to log onto a remote desktop server through terminal services (so they act similar to thin clients) but we're wondering if there's a way to get PC's to boot directly onto the RDP to the server.
I.E instead of a user booting up the machine, logging onto the domain and then starting the RDP session to the Terminal Server is there a way to get the PC's to directly start up the RDP session without letting them log onto the PC itself first.

Hope this makes sense.
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Unless there is some control to use network boot.. WHich i dont think is relevant to this RDP login...

Best way to to do it would be to load a basic system, non domain... but in startup add a shortcut directly created for said RDP session... same effect.. but just not as professional.

hope this helps.
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It is required to log on to Windows before start RDP session. Windows requires to run a RemoteDesktop Client before will continue.

So, use it as Adamskiangel wrote. Make a new GPO disallow users accessing Start Menu and other stuff (if your interested in details, just let me know) and place there RDP shortcut on the desktop. You can also force it to start automatically.

Just adding it to the "startup" folder is the easiest way to get it to run automatically.
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Two options spring to mind.

1) Use autologon and add the RDP session to the startup items.

2) Use a Linux distribution on the clients, such as Thinstation.  This will basically turn your PC in to a thin client.

Hope that helps.


Many Thanks
Some good answers but like the look of the Thinstation idea.
Decided to split the points relative.
I'm Sorry....

How did myself and Isiek only manage to get assists on this when i was first to note that RDP sessions should be added to startup etc?

This makes no sense.
I think he is going with the Linux option, so your answer is not relevant.  It's still a good answer though.
I understand that.

If the question was "please provide names of third party apps to allow thinclient access / RDP logon" etc. I would understand.

Point stands.

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