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We have a rogue email coming out from somewhere on a portal.  I think we have tracked down which list it is coming from via alerts.  We are trying to figure out where the title of the email is changed to reflect what is says "knowledge center' instead of the typical message 'you have subscribed to....', etc

is this set in a workflow, site level, site collection level, central admin?  how can we pinpoint where the message is coming from and how to change the content of the email?
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If it is in a workflow open the site in SharePoint Designer and check to see if there is a workflow attached to the site.  If so look through it and check to see if it is sending out emails.

the only other place i think it could be coming from is an alert someone set up.  on the list on the suspected site check each list to see if there is an alert set up.
Is the site that the list is in based on a custom or third-party site definition?  The email may be being generated by code in an event receiver - and therefore the title would be hardcoded in a DLL?
It could be either one a custom site or a third-party site, if you would take a screen shot I would be able to tell you which one it is, without looking at it I would have no idea.

The email is being sent through a workflow, the "Knowledge Center" is most likely the site where it is coming from.  When a workflow sends out and email the subject is almost always the name of the site where it is coming from.  

Thus you need to check the workflow of the site and see if one exists.  Below is a site that can help you check to see if your site/lists have a workflow attach to them.

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