Folder properties box hangs when trying to access the sharing tab


We have a Vista machine that acts as the server for our ACT package. The act database is stored in a shared folder on the vista machine. This all worked fine until last week when the other machine on the network (Win xp sp3) was unable to access the ACT db on the vista share. To troubleshoot this I tried to look at the sharing tab under folder properties. If i do this the folder properties box stops responding/crashes. I also looked at whether the database in ACT had stopped sharing. When I check 'share databsae' in ACT the ACT program stops responding. I can however map to the shared drive from the XP machine but cannot open the database. I believe this is a file sharing issue in Vista but don't know how to resolve


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nlbtaylorAuthor Commented:
Ps The ACT database opens without issue on the Vista machine
hello friend. This happens when there is an update applied on the network card driver. Step to follow:

Uninstall the network card driver
Install the original driver provided by the supplier and disable updates, else same everytime

please give a feedback.
nlbtaylorAuthor Commented:
PPs The error I get from the xp machine when opening the ACT database file (on the mapped drive on the Vista machine) is: 'the selected file cannot be located this could be because it has been deleted, moved or network issues are preventing access to it'

The version of ACT is 10 2008
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nlbtaylorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that, will try now and let you know
nlbtaylorAuthor Commented:
No joy unfortunately

Now gives 'cannot find database supplemental files folder Contacts-database files in this location PCNAME. This could be problem with the share, or the folder may not exist. Please contact the administrator of your database'
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:

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It is also worth checking to see if your AV or Firewall software has been updated or changed in configuration.  Try turning both of these off as a test.

It is also possible you have a DNS conflict, especially if this is a home or small office network without a Domain Controller.  If this is the case, from the host machine open Command Prompt and check the IP (as per GL Computings link above and see section Modifying the .PAD File step 6).  Make a note of this and compare with the IP address of the other machine trying to connect.  To do this open Command Prompt in the same way and instead of using IPCONFIG, type in PING and then the computername of the host machine ((right-click My Computer and select Properties to see this)  e.g.  PING ACTSERVER).

If these IP addresses are different you need to ideally put the ACT SERVER machine on a static IP.  As a short term solution, enter the following into the command prompt of the connecting machine IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS.  This will clear the stored cache of IP addresses and the machine should find the correct address.
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