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I am setting up my development environment in which I need two servers. I have a rather strong physical sevrer and I was thinking that both my servers could reside on this one. I need a domain controller and a server for SharePoint.

Which would be my best approach?

To install Hyper-V and my servers on top of that?

Install a server with the domain controller and then my other server using virtal PC or virtual server?

In my development machine I am working on a WPF application where I need to call the AD using LDAP - se the code snippet. What do I need to do to get this working? Any ports that needs to be opened? Does my development machine need to be in the Domain?

I would greatly appreciate advice in this matter since I am a roukie when it comes to setting up servers.

Best regards
public MainWindow()

            //Establish the user identity
            WindowsIdentity currIdentity = WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent();
            string NtAccountName = currIdentity.Name;

            //Search in the active directory
            DirectoryEntry entry = new DirectoryEntry("LDAP://", "DOMAIN\\Administrator", "Password");
            DirectorySearcher ADSearch = new DirectorySearcher(entry);
            ADSearch.Filter = "(&(objectClass=user))";

            string loginname = String.Empty;
            string firstname = String.Empty;
            string lastname = String.Empty;
                foreach (SearchResult resultSet in ADSearch.FindAll())
                    //Login Name
                    loginname += GetProperty(resultSet, "cn") + "¤";

                    //First Name
                    firstname += GetProperty(resultSet, "cn") + "¤";

                    //Last Name
                    lastname += GetProperty(resultSet, "cn") + "¤";
            catch (Exception ex)
                string mess = ex.Message;

        public static string GetProperty(SearchResult resultSet, string PropertyName)
            if (resultSet.Properties.Contains(PropertyName))
                return resultSet.Properties[PropertyName][0].ToString();
                return string.Empty;

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hello. what is the os of your app machine
Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
I would tend to install windows 2008 and the hyperV role on the physical machine. This will install the hypervisor ( the bit that runs the VM's ) below the traditional windows layer and allow as many virtual machines as the host can deal with.

You can setup each of the VM;s you need ontop of this i.e your DC and other VM you need. If you want to isolate this further you can define a virtual network using its own set of isolated IP's to make it a true development network and control the level of access needed between them.

I would always go on the site of virtualising all roles, if you install the DC on the physical machine its a lot harder to maintain than having it virtualised :)
Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
If you virtualise both, you have the option of having a 'development' domain - so you can be more experimental which what ports you use and what you allow the software to do - and can then lock it down for live use. Thats even more reason to have both of the machines virtualised.
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RTSolAuthor Commented:
Ok - Hyper-V then. I downloaded the installer her for this. I have never done this before - is there anything I need to think of or is it just to go ahead and install. Any good sites to look on? My physical server runs on a CI7 2.8 with 8 GB of memory. My virtual servers will run server 2008 R2.

Any comments on my LDAP call?
Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
If your a beginner then i suggest 2008R2 server and then install the hyperV role . The download you have, while better for heavy enterprise environments isnt so 'friendly' and manageable.

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RTSolAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot - this will get me going for a while :-) I might need to get back on this issue later.
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