Why do TAR files take a large chunk of system drive

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Hi all,

For a while now I have wondered why c:\smspkgsig\.tar files are held on the system drive.  I regularly run low on space on my SCCM server and am at an end to the temp stuff I can delete.

I have "nosmsondrive" files on the system partition but SCCM seems to want to use nealry 2Gb for TAr files.  

I also get this problem on my servers in other offices used for distribution points.

Can these be moved/deleted/configured not to appear?

Look forward to your answer

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The SMSPKGSIG folder installs automatically on the same drive as SCCM is installed on. And no way to move it after it is created.   I have always installed my sccm sites and DP's on their own partition as space does become an issue with system drives.
You could try this solution i found...

- Stop all SCCM Services

- Move the SMSPKGSIG Folder to the new drive

- Change the Registry Path: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER\Signature Manager\SignatureRepository=<NewDrive>:\SMSPKGSIG

- Start the SCCM Services

just to confirm your "nosmsondrive" files look like this:  no_sms_on_drive.sms
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Thanks Kezzi

no_sms_on_drive.sms  are in place on all Child distribution site servers and Parent site server.

I have inherited the system so I guess it was installed originally on the Active system partition.

I'll give the registry change a go and let you know..

many thanks again

Mark S..


OK - I have made the change and we'll see if it works over the next few days...

thanks again Kezzi

You should be able to test it immediately. Do a package update on one of your smaller packages and the new TAR files should go into the existing folder, or they will end up recreating the same share where it was.


Nice one Kezzi.  Spot on.  Many thanks

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