HTTPS web site deployment issue.

I have just deployed a web site i have developed (with the help of a web designer!).

When i browse to it get "Do you only want to show the content of the web page delivered in a safe manner?"

I have had to translate this from swedish...

Can someone have a look at the page and tell me what is wrong, and what the solution is?  The url is:

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Okay, this is a badly worded IE security box.  

Do you want to view ONLY the webpage content that was DELIVERED securely.  

The correct answer is NO.  If you say YES, then ONLY content delivered from a https: will be served.

It is windows security overkill and in the past, the answer was YES, display it.  Now, it is asking if you want them to block it, without using the word block.

So check that all the links to the page are secure

As Emredrum76 says, it's IE security overkill.  The warning appears because the page has content delivered by both HTTP & HTTPS; hence it asks if you only want only the secured items.  That will block a lot of images etc that are HTTP links.

To stop that message is a Browser setting: go to TOOLS - INTERNET OPTIONS - SECURITY - CUSTOM LEVEL then scroll down until you see MISCELLANEOUS - ALLOW MIXED CONTENT and click on enable, then save and exit.

or use Firefox!
Here is the way the two different examples can display. will resolve to
You will see the differences.

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soozhCEOAuthor Commented:
Emredrum76: Yes i can see there is a difference but i know nothing about security issues so I dont really understand what I am seeing.  

Is the message due to something on my web site and not my browser?

I have added the "help" link (top right corner) recently.. can this be the problem? and if so what is the fix?
It is something on the page or the way in which the page is coded.

The issue of some unencrypted data on the page, prompts browsers to warn you.  This warning in IE is the one that you need to answer YES or NO.  In firefox, the page will just load, however the exception is noted by the red padlock.

Both browser will load the page, however, if the IE page is loaded without saying NO, then some elements of the page will not be available to the user.

If I can work out what the issue is I will post back.  On a very basic code comparison, there is alot of META HTTP in your page, which was absent in others, and also the inclusion of javascript.

It might be the Java script component "src=""></script> " as this references a http within a https.

This perhpas is the warning, that FF will just flag, but IE will ask for confirmation.  I am not a coder though so I just look for links off the page that are not securely addressed.

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soozhCEOAuthor Commented:
It was an reference to some javascript via http.
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