sql server 2008 interpret statistics

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hi experts, I made inquiries:
1. On a table with no index and create their statistics
2. Then create sign and went back to check your statistics
Could help interpret statistics

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Sounds a bit like a homework / exam question. Which is fine, but we need to guide you through - to help clear up any misunderstandings, to edcuate, not to answer it specifically (as part of academic honesty). If it is not homework, then it is quite an intersting puzzle you have.

What is the difference between the trials ?

What kind of "interpretation" of statistics - is there meant to be a recommendation as to which trial is best ?

From what I can see there is a single select returning 13 rows with Trial 1 being off the planet and trials 5 and 9 looking the best.

How can we help you with this ?


I just want to see what the theory says. A graph is to index and other graphic is no index. parameter that must guide me to know that it has improved


please, can you give me some url to start seeing this issue

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