Why is the global address list missing users names?

Over the weekend, I installed (with the help of Dell) Exchange 2010 and Windows Server 2008-R2 and Outlook 2010 (on all client computers).

In Outlook 2010, when I log on and want to create a mail message and click the "to:" button, I only see 5 users.  

When another user tries to do the same thing, they see all users in the global address list.

The global address list seems to be the problem.  I don't know how to correct it.

Note:  When I started adding the first 5 mailboxes, I did not state the scope.  I did state the scope for the remaning 15 users.  Its the first 5 users who are having the problem.

Thanks for your help.
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The computer that can't see all the account names, is it using cached exchange mode?  Have you tried downloading the full GAL?
WeThePeopleAuthor Commented:
You are correct.  I unchecked the box "cache mode" and now I am able to see all the other users.  I thought I would have to delete the 5 mailbox accounts and recreate them.

I thought the problem was, when I set up the first 5 users, I did not check the box "Specify the organizational usit rather than the default one".  so the first 5 when into the default one.  I moved them to the right organizational unit.  Users 6 thru 20 did have that box checked.

Do I have to do anything else, other than unchecking cache mode.
1.  Go to Send / Receive - Send/receive Groups - Download Address Book.
 2. In the new window, click on OK.
 3. When the Outlook Send/Receive Progress window disappears, the address book will be done downloading.
1. Make your MailboxDatabase is set to use your active OAB (EMC -> Organization Configuration -> Mailbox -> Your MailBoxDatabase -> Properties -> set OAB

2.Check that your OAB has the following properties:
- General = Update schedule is set to run daily at 5:00 A.M
-Address Lists = Include the default Global Address List, Include the following address lists:
All Contacts
All Groups
All Rooms
All Users
Public Folders
-Distribution = Distribution Points: Enable web-based distribution (marked)
OAB (Default Web Site) needs to be added and Enable public folder distribution should be marked  

3. Go to exchange management Shell and type in the following:
Update-GlobalAddressList "Default Global Address List"
And then
update-offlineaddresslist "name of your offline address list"

Give it 30 - 60 mins and see if you see a difference


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