Is blog feasible for use in high-volume traffic?

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I own a Linux shared hosting and not sure what is the exact volume of user will access the site. Blog vs code built from scratch using pure PHP, which one is better?
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I'd suggest to stay with an established blog framework (drupal, wordpress) they have built in caching and security measures which your home-brew code will not contain.

After all why reinvent the wheel each time when you have open-source software (and their communities) which have lookup upon and improved this code.


I would like to know more about security measures. I have implement HTML purify, PDO to access mysql and other secure code to prevent SQL injection. It is not enough?

So when it come to form submission like classifieds/jobs posting, would it be possible to integrate a 3rd party Rich Text editor with image upload using pure PHP with security in place or implement those in wordpress? Which is ideal?
I can only speak from personal experience with drupal, I know drupal has built-in richt text editors which can also have embedded file-uploading mechanisms which you can fully configure to limit itself to a certain path (ie: not being able to use this script to browse through your hosted files).

I'm not saying the code you write is insecure, I'm just suggesting that thousands of people looking at a piece of code are more likely to find security loopholes compared to when you are the only person looking/writing a piece of code.
well if you host the blog on somebody elses server its a moot point.. but on your own it depends upon the features you want users to have.. if you build it you can limit it any way you choose.. if you use somebody elses software you have to figure out if you closed all the doors..    
one is easy and maybe secure usually has more features..
one is hard and secure  (build it)  Less features too

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