Website slow to open first time?

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I seem to be experiencing a strange problem with some of the websites I have deployed locally.

When I try access them first thing in the morning it takes a good minute for the page to fully load, however after this first time any subsequent visits the page displays instantly.

Any ideas why this is?  (Using IIS 6.0)
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this is a normal behavior of ASP.Net. This is because the web site is getting compiled.

Probably there is a lot of processing when you open the page for the first time. After that I assume that lot of data is cached in the system, server or browser that allows quicker response.
You can try to use YSlow firebug plugin to check if your page is optimized correctly, and inside firebug you can check load time for every external file etc.
Which browser are you using, have you check the caching setting? you might be deleting the cache on exit of the browser.


Thanks, looks as if its by design and not an error with my site.

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