Cannot connect to Exchange Server After Creating a New Windows Profile

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I re-created a client's profile and copied desktop and favorites since her profile was corrupted. However, I could not set up the Outlook to connect to the Exchange server. I had to re-store the user name and password for the windows logon credential and exchange servers and proxy settings since the information was gone when re-created her new profile. We use the exchange server hosted by the third party. There was a new Outlook data file created, but I got a message saying that the connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action, then I got a dialog box to verilfy her account and got a message saying that the name cannot resolved, cannot open default email folders, the information stored could not be opened, Finally I go a message saying that cannot open your default email folder, the file C:\the users profile\Application Data\Microsoft\Outllok\Microsoft ost is not a Outlook data file (.ost). But, there was the Outllok Data file with the mark of sync.
This is another issue caused by recreating a new profile.

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Are you 100% sure that the server address you have used for the hosted server is correct, same with ports. Can you actually communicate with that machine from the client in question... Any IP address changes, FW rules needed etc etc.

SHould verify the connectivity issues before we start looking elsewhere.
Can the user access OWA using her logon credentials ?

If no, her actual mailbox might be corrupted or out of sync, and you should primarely try do the following;
In Exchange Management Shell type in the following:
Set-Mailbox -Identity -ApplyMandatoryProperties
and then
Set-Mailbox -Identity -database "MailboxDatabaseName WhereUsersExchangeServerResides"



I contacted the third party and they changed the exchange server name without telling us.

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