windows 7 login problem

nevyana2006 used Ask the Experts™
windows 7 is loading a default profile. I am getting an error: Windows cannot load the users profile but has logged you iwth defualt profile ('access denied'). wonder if there is something I cld do to fix this ? tnx.
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Your Win7 might have gotten corrupt, try doing a system restore to an earliest point when the computer used to work fine.
Bit drastic.. Perhaps look into the issue before potentially ruining the system with a restore, which in windows 7 is not the best.


i did look into the solution offered in the techsupport forum but it is for  Win XP, maybe the logic is the same but i needed a fast solution and the system restore worked for me. Thank you. I have to further figure out what caused this issue. I restored it befor two updates to MSOfc. Tnx again.

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