MaxOutboundConnectionsPerEndpoint quota (10) has been reached, so the connection was closed and not reused by the listener

Hi all!

We have strange issue with WCF services hosted on IIS7.
Services are using net.tcp bindings, with port sharing enabled.
There are 8 different services in total, and some of them have large number of calls simultaneously and some have long running queries that return large number of rows (1+ length, which I cant reduce in any way, due to business requirements).

After period of time when services were working perfectly fine, some strange things started to happen, such as getting error - MaxOutboundConnectionsPerEndpoint quota (10) limit reached. Although I have set this value(s) to 50 in web config file, we still get the same error.
Occasionally we have serious slowdowns on service response, although server is not under stress at all, and somehow those match in times with occurrence of the error.

Please do you have any ideas or recommendations (what or at least, where to look).

Thank you in advance!
'Config code

 <net.tcp listenBacklog="100"
          maxConnections ="250">

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I presume this is running on a true "server" version of WIndows... and not on a workstation version of Windows?   Recall that workstation versions have a upper limit on the number in inbound connections.
kahvedzicAuthor Commented:
Yes, services are running on Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS7.

kahvedzicAuthor Commented:
It seems that I have managed to solve problem by increasing maxConnections value. I have set it to 100, and everything works fine.

Note that this property needs to be set on specific net.tcp binding if there is one, not on the global net.tcp settings, as specific binding settings seem to override it, and use default in it, if it is not set by user.

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kahvedzicAuthor Commented:
I have changed properties, tested it on our system and it works perfectly fine right now.
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