Remove Wind Sound From Section of FLV Video Clip

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I have an flv file which I need to publish on my website. However there is a small section in the middle which is filmed outside on a very windy day and therefore contains a lot of wind noise.

Is there an easy way to remove this using Adobe Premiere Pro / CS4 / After Effects or some freeware?
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There is also FLV Cutter - joiner, cutter, merger
use the free version very easy to use
I posted some snaps of it here


I was unable to do this and after many wasted hours, decided to give up :(

Everytime I tried to reduce the wind noise it had a derogatory effect on the rest of the video and made some of the people sound like robots!

Nevertheless many thanks for your help.
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I thought you would cut that spot out, folks watching it probably understand anyways. So you were unable to do it is that why the B rating ?  we gave you great tools  

 There is always a work around Lico_w
 edit that bit in windows live movie maker > Windows 7<
 by adding a fade in fade out piece set the start point and end point  so that sound on that time frame is highly reduced.
Here's a snap shot how to add a fade in and fade out bit using  an FLV file in Windows LIve Movie Maker
yeah it supports flv cool hey.

if you dont have Windows 7 then consider convert it to WMV or some other that WMM2 supports that is for XP
 Free Downlload
try again
forgot the snapshot
Windows Live Moviemaker with a FLV on the story board, go to edit at the top


My problem is that there is talking all the way through the wind noise, and I need that to be heard as it's a crucial part of the vid. Therefore reducing entire sound or fading in or out won't do as you won't be able to hear the voice.

I needed something that could take a particular sound pitch from the audio and just remove that without changing the voice sound. I found this was not possible or extremely difficult.

P.s I gave B as I thought the stuff you gave me was good, but couldn't award A as it didn't enable me to completely resolve the issue, hope you understand :)
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.


You might have to remove the entire sound from the clip concerned and pass it to another application to try and remove the wind noise and then paste the finished product back in.

Something like Audacity might help if the noise is constant.

But if it is variable then quite probably it is a no go.


It is variable, this is why I gave up. There doesn't seem to be an easy way without losing some quality to the video/audio. In this case I took the lesser of the two evils and opted to leave the annoying sound but keep the quality in tact.

I have also informed my Dutch friends not to film on a windy day again! Again thanks for the posts, much appreciated.

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