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Last Friday, I installed Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 (WSS) on Windows Server 2008.  This morning (Monday), I noticed that the C drive has only 502 KB of free space.  I went through the C drive and found a 15 GB log file in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\12\LOGS

This, apparently, got created at 7:44PM last Friday night somehow.  I, just now, deleted it as it was too big to open in Notepad.  The server now has 14.2 GB of free space on the C drive.  

Since the C drive is only a 30GB drive, we can't afford for log files of this size to get created again.

I checked Event Viewer and there were no events leading to a cause for this.  

Does anyone know why this would have happened?  Is there a way of preventing this from happening, again?  Is there a way of automatically purging these log files?

In light of this, the client would like for the Temp, tmp, and all log file locations moved off of the C drive and onto the D drive.  Is there a way to do so without uninstalling and reinstalling WSS onto the D drive?

Are there really any issues (aside from log file creation!) with installing Windows Sharepoint Service onto the C drive?
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Check the IIS settings for your sharepoint sites. There you will have a logging-tab with options for whether or not to log, log location, properties to log, and so forth.

There is also logging done by Sharepoint itself. You can configure this by going to "sharepoint central administration - Component configuration" (if I'm not mistaken). There you'll see some options for enabling or disabling logging.

You will also have a database log in your SQL server instance (open SQL manager to view). There are a few ways to purge these logs:
- take a backup and perform a shrink operation in SQL manager (right click database - tasks - shrink database / shrink files)
- perform a shrink via sqlquery:
and next release the unused space with a shrink. Please mind: this will not create a backup but just commit all transactions to database and purge the log.

The size of the "web extensions" logs indicate that there might have been a lot of transactions on sharepoint. Did you upload a huge batch of files (perhaps filling your site the first time?)
You can safely remove these files a few days after creation. Perhaps create a script to delete the logfiles automatically every day / week.

Hope this helps

Best regards,


Thank you, panman3!  This was very helpful!


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