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We have an application built on JAVA with tomcat ; It requires massive computing power thus we are planning to shift it to cloud. Could someone suggest us a good java cloud hosting services
We tried Google Apps and Amazon EC2 but they don't fulfill our requirements
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some of EC2 systems have huge amounts of RAM and CPU power.  if you cant find what you want there you are most probably going to need a very high powered dedicated server.  Alternatively you may need to re evaluate your system


Power is not an issue with EC2 but we could not test out
Our appication do they have a sandbox environment ot trial account?
We could not find one
could you be clearer about your requirements then.  As you said "We need a lot of power... ...we tried EC2.. .. it did not fit our requirements".  I assumed that you meant it did not have enough power.
It seems you want to try it out. If you dont like it then you wont continue using.

EC2 is perfect for this.  You can chose what size of system you want to run your image on.  Set up your image exactly as you want it configured.  Then you run it for as long as you need it.  You will have to regisiter with a credit card even to test it, but you could test it for just one hour and only ever pay for that hour.  You can't say fairer that than.  If you need two identical servers you could set up the same image and run it twice one as test and one as production.  Obviously it will cost you double, but you only pay for what you store and what you run.  If you dont like it you can stop everything and not pay any more money.
There is no trial account, but at $0.08/hour for a small instance this is no problem.
I recommend the following procedure:

* Create an AWS account.
* Start a small EC2 instance out of a standard Amazon image, and install your application on it.
* Test your application (except performance).
* Bundle a private AMI that includes everything you need.
* Start a new instance out of the private AMI with the appropriate CPU, RAM and storage.

First 4 basic steps can be achieved in a few hours at a nominal cost.

More advanced procedures include hardening and securing your cloud infrastructure, achieving fault tolerance, optimizing application performance, and setting up good system management procedures in your team.


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