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My boss has asked me to find a solution for him to use his Ipad for presentations. I'm aware of the VGA connector from the Apple store for about $30 but it is getting horrible reviews. He wants to connect to a projector and mirror the image on his screen. He specifically wants to use Google Earth (at this time).  Does anyone have experience with this? Any workarounds? Thanks!
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Picture quality from component vs VGA will without doubt be much better, so I'll suggest you follow the recommendation from the poster above.


Thank you bpinning and madshjensen for your recommendation. I'm concerned that this isn't going to give him what he needs after reading the comments under the product. This one comment in particular sums up what most are saying:
"So it looks like this cable, just like Apple's disappointing VGA adapter, also does NOT simply output whatever is on the screen of your iPhone/iPad to a large display (such as the iOS interface). The sample shots only show video playing, which is exactly what Apple's cable already does. Wake me up when they make a cable like the one Steve Jobs uses during his keynote presentations: one that actually outputs the entire iOS interface to a larger screen."
Do either of you use this cable you suggested? I need to be certain that this will work. There will be many uses in court but right now he wants to project the image of Google Earth to a large screen to show the jury a specific location. He wants them to see as he zooms in on the street or block exactly what he sees on his Ipad. If the Scosche cable only shows video, I don't think this is what he wants. He wants an exact mirror of what he has on his iPad to project onto the secondary output (2nd monitor or projection screen). So if he decided to display a Word document or PowerPoint presentation, this would not work?  Thanks!

After much research, I have learned that problem is not the hardware, it is the software. Apple designed it (VGA connector) to only work with the Apps that are programmed to “allow” it. There are a small handful of apps that will work with it right now. The list is expected to grow as the forums are filling up with disappointed iPad users expressing the same expectations of the iPad. Apps developers are writing new versions to allow “video out” capability for the iPad and iPod with their applications. NetFlix recently released a new version that will now allow you to view movies via your iPad Dock connector to VGA device.  It will do PowerPoint presentations. However, it’s not currently designed to “mirror” the iPad screen and limited to “video and slideshows”.  I would expect the list of “VGA out” compatible apps to grow in the months to come.  So eventually, the $29 Apple iPad to VGA connector will be the solution.
If he can't wait for what you describe above, there's a jailbroken app called screensplitter that mirrors The iPhone's display out through vga or component (still better quality) to a display or projector. So if he's willing to jailbreak, the feature is out there (legally as well).
Hope it helps.

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