Artifacts on my monitor

Hi all!

Take a look on this picture:
This is just an  example of the artifacts I'm experiencing on my Samsung SyncMaster2443NW
It is coming and going in periods. I've tried the following:

- Reinstall the graphics driver
- Use a new VGA-cable
- Try the monitor on a second pc
- Change settings on the monitor itself, brightness etc.

none of this worked out.

I'm not it what is wrong with my monitor, because, sometimes it works perfect for several months and now it suddenly doesn't.

Tomasz CzyzSystem AdministratorAsked:
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looks quite pretty on the picture but damn annoying too.

Does it change if you gently press on the screen around where the marks are? if yes, how long does it take for the pattern to go back to how it was before you poked it?
Tomasz CzyzSystem AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Yes it look quite nice, especially because it look like snow on a TV.

Today the monitor was better than yesterday, but not cured.
I tried to press on a part where the "snow" was, but the area beneath my finger turned grey and became "snow" after 1 second.

When I go to Paint and fills the display with a given color (which looks like snow) the whole monitor will go banana, and look like the snow on a TV when there's no signal.
it looks like a bad lcd screen to me.
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I have found BAD 1000uf Capasitors in LCD monators that will do that.

I replace the bad caps and the monitor is restored to working condition.

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Get it replaced under warranty. You got a few capacitators running hot I believe. They will probs pop n die at some stage, or linger on like this for a fair bit.
Typicall. By coincidence my monitor just started to do the exact same haha. Only 1 out of 3.
But its not something one can fix that easily without being able to solder on micro level within the monitor.
Off to buy a new one, warranty is long gone :)
Tomasz CzyzSystem AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Than you all for your replies!

I will now have the monitor send in on warranty and see what happens!
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