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Does anyone have any suggestions for a good managment software for Active Directory?  I have a fairly straight-forward domain and looking for something that easy to use for reporting\creating user creation templates. I've used the AD management console but wasn't impressed with it.
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Quest Active Admin
MMC is quite a popular tool (more specifically, ADUC, Sites and Computers, and Domains and Trusts)

If you're talking about managing users in bulk, there are a lot of products out there that would do it for you.
If you're good with VB, for instance, you can do it all that way.
personally, I use a product called User Management Resource Administrator (, and it has changed the way I do everything...
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in addition to active admin quest also makes active roles server which is good
Another player in this space is DRA by NetIQ.  The products by Quest and NetIQ are not cheap so test anything out first before making any commitments.
Ive downloaded a demo of admanager plus and it was pretty good.
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