Exchange 2010 Server Failover Question?

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I have a Windows 2008 Domain Server running Exchange 2010. I have a new Windows 2008 R2 Server with Hyper V and want to find out if I can setup a Windows 2008 VM with Exchange 2010 Server DAG woth fail over?
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As long as your member server is running the Enterprise version of Windows 2008 then you can create a DAG and it will install clustering for you.  You must of course complete all the prerequisites for a DAG, but yes, you can do it.

You can have a combination of physical and virtual DAG nodes, however, many companies find it best to keep all their DAG nodes the same for easier support.

Please check my answer on:

You will find various options and instructions how to set up failover function, High availability or a disaster recovery site, with options that are free and more efficient options that costs

The requirements are also listed there for each option, for example DUAL NICS (one for mapi and one for replication) for Exchange servers that will be in DAG,

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This gives me an idea that I can load balance two Exchange Servers with DAG , its that posible? I can continue in a new thread if you wish.
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You can load balance the transport and mailbox roles with two DAG nodes.  To load balance the CAS role you need separate CAS virtual servers (clustering and NLB cannot run on the same server) or use a load balancer.  The load balancer can either be physical or virtual, however, I think all the virtual ones are designed to run on vmware but the hyper-v versions may be out soon.  Check F5 and Kemp Technologies for virtual load balancers.
This is exactly what I have posted in my previous comment.

355LT1, you can keep on asking questions in this thread, Ill try providing the answers your in need off,

it wont work "It isn't supported to add an Exchange 2010 Mailbox server that's also a directory server to a DAG"


DC+ Exchange is wrong to start with anyways, with exception of SBS ( Go figure why (-: ... and I am sure you have your own reasoning make sense to you anyways.




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