VB6 Forms and modules loaded into memory

Hello Experts,
How can I determine what forms and/or modules are loaded in memory?
I have found that if I have a reference to something when a form/module is not loaded, like a label or variable, somewhere else in my application, it wants to load my form/module, even though it does not show the form because I have not given the .show command.  Then when I go to, what I think is, load/show the form it doesn't go through the form.load sequence because it is already loaded.  Is there a way to see a list of  what is in memory to find out if I've have other things hanging around that I don't want/need all the time?
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There isn't anything I know of that can show you what is in memory.  You could produce a kludge and have some global variables that get set/cleared by the form's Load and Unload events.

You could also have the forms/classes sort-of "self" track.  Rather than global variables, you could declare module level variables in the classes and forms such as "Priavate m_IsLoaded as Boolean".  VB will automatically initialize these boolean variables to False, so you just have to have the Load event set the flag.  Then so that you can have code outside the form access the variable, write a simple little function "Public Function IsLoaded as Boolean" that just returns the value of m_IsLoaded (that way, anyone can read the variable, but you can't accidently set the variable outside the class).

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all modules are loaded into memory during program load.

you can iterate the FORMS collection to see which ones have been loaded into memory.
Adam_930Author Commented:
Thanks, I was just hoping it was already available information.
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