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Hi experts, i am reading about  XML Schema Validation
but i do not understand: Lax Validation Support.
can they support the definition and an example
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lax validation is something that can happen on an xs:any element

xs:any indicates that a content model can have any content.
This "wildcard" can give hints about how to process the content, or validate the content, to the processor/parser

the attribute hinting this is teh processContents attribute
its value can be
skip: the parser will not try to perform any validation on te content, even if it knows the content restriction of the elements used as a child
strict: allthough the content of the element can be anything, the parser expects to find only elements it knows, so it can validate the content of the xs:any
lax: is in between. The parser will only validate the content of the child elements it knows and will skip validating the elements it is unaware of

<xs:element name="my-example">
         <xs:any processContents="lax"/>

the my-example element can have anything as a content.
Only the elements inside my-example, that are known to the schema processor (so described in teh schema)
will be validate, all others will be ignored for validation

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