Need help with Procurve Switch

I just implemented a new HP ProCurve switch. The web interface is pointing out some errors:

Too Many Undersized/Giant Packets on port B10
Excessive CRC/Alignment Errors on port B10

High Collision or Drop Rate on port B1
Excessive CRC/Alignment Errors on port B1

Since these errors started I have replaced the computers on ports B1 and B10 and yesterday I scanned the network cables from tip to tip with real good Fluke cable scanner. The cables certified no problem. The errors persist.

Can anyone enlighten me on other possible causes for these errors? It is nice to see the switch find errors like this but correcting them seems to be a whole different ballgame.

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I know you've checked the cables but its worth swapping the connections at the switch end. Take somethig from port b10 and swap it with a suitable port. do the same for port B1.

If the errors move to the new ports, it is definately cabling or whatever is on the end of it thats at fault.
If the error stays on he same ports, it is the switch that is at fault.

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> If you're getting a lot of CRC errors, then could be 1 of the following:
>- duplex mismatch between PC & switch
>- bad cable (especially check crimped ends on self-made cables)
>- bad NIC or just needs driver update
>- bad switchport

ref. EE Article 22642655

Also check out this article:
There is some useful info towards the bottom about packet size etc:
I don't know if there are any wall jacks or patch panels involved in your case but either of them can be an issue too.
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