What is the best and safest registry cleaner to use?

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I am try to find a very good registry cleaner that is safe.
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I use jv16 Power Tools with good results (http://www.macecraft.com/). Any registry cleaner can result in disaster if you aren't careful or don't know what you are cleaning out of the registry. If you are going to try clean or modify the registry, know what you are removing or altering. If you don't know what it is -- leave it alone. Before you start, Backup, Backup, Backup... Also, if you make an error the system might not reboot to the point you can restore the registry.
No such thing as a "safe" registry cleaner.  Any modification of the registry is a potential crash.  You should always backup and test your backups.

The safest way to get a "clean" registry is to back up everything, wipe the hard drive, and reinstall everything.  This will be 100% effective at eliminating all of the trash left behind by old programs that didn't completely clean up after themselves.

I've never used a registry cleaner as a permanent solution.  Used it just long enough to stop error messages so I can backup data and wipe the system.

"Cleaning" the registry as a maintenance tool to fix things that are perceived as broken is a bad idea. There are a number of different products out there. *None* of them replace a knowledgeable technician. "Cleaning" the registry without understanding the impact of what you're doing can take your barely functional computer and convert it into a doorstop. If, after all these recommendations to the contrary, one still feels it necessary to perform these tasks, I would recommend the Registry Integrity tool in CCleaner, http://www.ccleaner.com. Of the ones I've seen, it is the least aggressive, and also offers an option to make a backup of the registry before committing any changes.
In the last 10 years I tried many. I forget their number and their name. Perhaps could be 50 or 100.
Each one seems to find “something” and usage of many repeatedly can make your system unstable. I was in trouble several times, especially with Win9x due to those “magic cleaners”.
Some of them clean what is not needed anymore, errors. Additionally some clean also the empty keys and some even can compact/defragment the registry.

If you need a list with them I can provide.

What I use now once in a while are in fact 2-3:

Registry Healer
WinAso Registry optimizer

I do not claim these are the best, but satisfied me after I tried so many.
Asking which the best is is similar with asking which the best antivirus is. I do not believe in such thing. There are some that I prefer depending by situation.

If you want to accelerate your system trough registry settings then you should try after cleaning also Dr.Salman's Windows Power Tools

Good luck!

WinSysClean is one of the safest registry cleaners http://www.usro.net/products/winsysclean

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