Access Field Control Source to filter by current Day.

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I want to add a text box with a control source that only pulls back a count for information entered today. I have the following code but it returns #Error

=DCount("*","STATS","Filter1 = 'filter1' and DAY(DateReceived) = DAY(NOW())")

If i use DAY(DateReceived) = '1' it returns 5 (which is correct count for the 1st)

It's the DAY(Now()) that's causing the issue.

I cant put the filter on the main query as I also have monthly total text boxes on the form.

any ideas?

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You can use Day(GetDate()) function instead of day(now())


Same Result!
Sorted it, It's in the formatting!

=DCount("*","STATS","Filter1 = 'filter1' and DAY(DateReceived) = '" & DAY(NOW()) & "'")


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