rpc server unavailable


I'm having a problem with a few not all of my servers and computers on my Windows server 2008 r2 domain. I'm getting "rpc server unavailable" while trying to access services and features remotely useing 3rd party software.

I'm also having this problem trying to access the Hyper-V remotely from a Forefront TMG computer.
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Stephen MandersonSoftware EngineerCommented:
Have you used the hvremote tool to set the configurations on the machines?

Also you will need to make sure that enforce strict RPC compliance is unchecked on the rules you have created.
TechLadAuthor Commented:
I thought enforce strict RPC in the forefront might of been creating problems, I did uncheck this and have double checked in the Windows services to see if there might of been a service disbaled but I cannot find anything wrong.

I carnt understand why when i'm using a 3rd party application, it seems to say RPC server is not available on some pc's and server yet not others.

As with Hyper-V it's a problem that annoys me.
Can you try monitoring the sessions, and discover which rules on the TMG are responsible.

Then disable "Strict RPC compliance" for that rule.

You monitor the session in the TMG console logs and reports -> logging tab -> configure rules appropriately and then reproduce the issue - monitor the client or destination IP.

When you discover which rule, right click on it and configure RPC
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TechLadAuthor Commented:
I've kinda solved the problem turns out Windows Firewall was on. However the forefront server still has a problem with RPC, I've monitored and carnt seem to find where or what the problem is.
Forefront itself ? When you try accessing something from forefront - > MMC you get a RPC server unavailable ?
have you tried clearing the checkbox on "Strict RPC compliance" in AD communication with system policies?
TechLadAuthor Commented:
yeah cleared that "Strict RPC compliance" in the ADwas one of the first thing I did.
Stephen MandersonSoftware EngineerCommented:
Are you getting the RPC server unavailable from the Hyper-V mmc? You need to provide more details regarding you're setup.

Are you trying to access the HyperV Host from the TMG server? Is it on the internal network? Have you followed the HV Remote setup as pointed out in my first link?

You may also want to take a look at the following to get a list of pervious RPC issues regarding HyperV
TechLadAuthor Commented:
The problem I’m having is related only to the Forefront TMG server on my network. Whichever way you try this, whether it would be access the hyper-v server from another machine, or I’ve even tried it on a Windows 7 machine using the remote management tools, I get a “RPC Server is unavailable”.

I’ve gone through the system setting and cleared the “enforce strict RPC”, and also done this on several rules within Forefront TMG with no luck.  I have two servers that use the Hyper-V server role, the Forefront being one, and another on a domain controller. The Hyper-V server cannot be access remotely from the Forefront server, trying to access the Hyper-V server on the domain Controller.  

However trying to access the Hyper-V server on the domain controller, using the windows 7 remote management tools I’m able to control the Hyper-V machine remotely on the domain controller, so there’s no problem there.

It seems to be down to the Forefront server, again using even the windows 7 remote management tools, am unable to access that server greeted by the same message “RPC server is unavailable”.

I’ve attached a plan on the network structure, in the hope that it would help understand the way the network has been setup.


So If I understand correctly, you have TMG installed on the physical server and Hyper-V comes on top of that? Or are you running the The TMG as a VM inside Hyper-V?
TechLadAuthor Commented:
The TMG server is a physical server, running the hyper-v server role with a two hyper-v guest os installed.
That is not a configuration I would recommend. But, nonetheless :

How is the network setup? Are both machines, between which you are trying to establish a connection on the same subnet - > that is they are not separated by a router?

Can you try monitor the session state that originates on the client computer and reproduce the error? Configure logging on TMG to collect all traffic originating from the Windows 7 machine.. What does the logging say?
TechLadAuthor Commented:
I got this from the Windows 7 machine trying to remotely manage the hyper-v role.

Closed Connection SRV-004 21/10/2010 21:02:14
Log type: Firewall service
Status: Closed Connection
Rule: [System] Allow remote management from selected computers using MMC
Source: Internal (
Destination: Local Host (
Protocol: RPC (all interfaces)
Rule: [System] Allow remote management from selected computers using MMC

You need to disable strict RPC compliance for this rule. Edit the system policy, find remote management. Find either an option to disable strict RPC compliance or allow management from your Windows 7 machine...


"By default, these rules apply to the built-in Remote Management Computers computer set. When you install Forefront TMG, this empty computer set is created. Add to this empty computer set all computers that will remotely manage Forefront TMG. Until you do this, remote management is not available from any computer."

Add your Windows 7 machine to remote management computer set.
TechLadAuthor Commented:
How do you disable disable strict RPC compliance for the rule above. I cannot see anything that allows you to do it ?
Try right clicking on the rule, it has to have RPC configuration, at least ISA had it, not sure about TMG.
TechLadAuthor Commented:
Forefront does not appear to have that feature
Can you try just adding the windows 7 machine to remote management set, or to the from section of this rule?
TechLadAuthor Commented:
I've added the IP address,well a range of IP addresses and still comes up with the same thing.
I've put IP addreses: to which covers all the machines on the network.
Hm, I have a feeling we're missing something..

Does the Hyper-V Server have any errors itself in the event viewer?

I don't have a TMG machine nearby, so you will have to help me. In the picture above, if you click on "Remote Management", can you disable RPC compliance...
TechLadAuthor Commented:
Ye looks just the same as that picture and it's disabled/ unchecked. Nothing of any interest in the Event manager either pointing to a problem with forefront.
There is also microsoft management console option under remote management, any viable options there?
TechLadAuthor Commented:
Checked all that

Have you tried the following?
cscript hvremote.wsf /show /target:othercomputername
TechLadAuthor Commented:
In? cmd or ?
Remember that "Hvremote.wsf" must be present on the server/pc that you run this from,
This can be downloaded from http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/HVRemote/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=3084
Read these instruction carefully,
this has helped me many times to resolve some of my issues i had with Hyper-V and hope this will help you as well !!

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