Combine two database columns into one string in a drop down list

I have a drop down list that needs to be populated with an output of two different columns combined into one.  I need to do this by the vb code behind and not query string so when the user selects a value in the dropdownlist I can make a query off that selection and resplit the two columns.  So far I have this code and it just displays the Vehicle table but I need LocationDescription + Vehicle on one index.
ElseIf ddlSelectGSA.SelectedValue = "Joint" Then
            ddlShow.Visible = True
            sql = "SELECT LocationDescription, Vehicle FROM VehicleScheduler.dbo.tblVehicles ORDER BY LocationDescription"
            myDataTable = New DataTable
            myDataTable = getData(sql)

            ddlShow.Items.Add(New ListItem("", "0"))
            buildDD(sql, ddlShow)
            ValReqDDLSelect.Visible = False

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Jesus RodriguezIT ManagerCommented:
You can do it by adding more than one colum to the drop down. Check this link that I have from codeproject and you can get the code from there
You get 2dattabase colums as one colum by concating them in procedur as

Select Column1+ "  "+Column2 as YourColumn from table

and populate your dropdown list
you have to iterate through the items in the DataTable and keep on adding items to the drop down list one by one.

For Each datarow in datatable.Rows

          dropdownlist1.items.add(datarow("LocationDescription") + datarow("Vehicle"))

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gfedzAuthor Commented:
That's what I was looking for.  Thank you.
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