Printer Dialogue Box doesn't open in Outlook 2003

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Hi Experts,

Can you please help me.

My Managing Director is having a problem in Outlook 2003 in which when he opens an email it won't bring up the print dialogue box. The printer button also does nothing.

I have tried the following -

1/ Reinstalling Outlook
2/ Deleting all printers and their drivers (from server properties) and re-adding the appropriate     printer
3/ Creating a new Outlook profile
4/ Outlook /cleanrules, /cleanclientrules, /cleanserverrules

Then realised it was just HTML Emails and then tried -

5/ Removed Microsoft Software Inventory Analyzer
6/ Removed IE8 and IE7
7/ Deleted outlprnt file
8/ Ran Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll in Start> Run

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Regards,

Ross Page,

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TracyVBA Developer
Seems like you've tried a lot.  I see you tried recreating the outlook profile, but have you tried recreating the user profile?

If you log into the machine, does it work for you?  If so, rename his profile and then have him log in again and see if it works.  Then if it does, just migrate over his favorites, and any other preferences he has set.


Hi there. I have just tried your solution and unfortunately it was unsuccessful.

FYI: the dialogue box opens if you file and print from the Inbox screen in the Outlook 2003 Program.

CTRL+P doesn't work either.

Another thing i tried was print spooler restart and printing from Internet Explorer with no joy.
TracyVBA Developer
hmm... perhaps you have a virus since Ctrl + P doesn't work.

Try updating your virus definitions and then do a full system scan.

If that doesn't work, then I'd say the only other thing left is wiping the machine and reinstalling the OS.
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By anychance you have the mixed version of Office applications?
Outlook 2003, word 2007 etc?

> Was this outlook upgraded from any other older version
Want to perform a clean-install and then observe the behaviour


Hi there,

It is a clean full Office 2003 Standard install. All applications are 2003 and it was installed standalone rather than upgrade.
Hey Guys and Girls,

Went for a second to last resort and installed Office 2k7. This seems to have worked for him.

Cheers for your comments, I'll dish out some points for attempts to show my appreciation.

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