How can i create test event log entries to test monitoring software

How can i create test event log entries to test monitoring software?

I have created a couple of event log monitors within MOM 2005. What I'd like to do is create the event log entries on remote servers to see if MOM will trigger an alert. I'd heard of "eventcrete" but can't seem top locate it for download.
Anyone any ideas?
Jay ThomasAsked:
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Jay ThomasAuthor Commented:

i just want to change teh question slightly. I have discovered eventcreate is part of the OS :). Does anyone knwo of a free windows GUI version?
I do not know if any of them are what you are looking for:

If you are adapt with web pages, you could setup an ASP page that will generate/trigger this as well.

Any issues with using the command line tool to test the behavior?

The example for use is fairly straight forward.
/S remoesystem_if_when_needed
eventcreate /? for a detailed description of options.
        /L APPLICATION /D "Create an event in application log"

        /SO WinWord /D "new source Winword in application log"

    EVENTCREATE /S system /T ERROR /ID 100
        /L APPLICATION /D "Remote system without user credentials"

    EVENTCREATE /S system /U user /P password /ID 100 /T ERROR
        /L APPLICATION /D "Remote machine with user credentials"

    EVENTCREATE /S system /U domain\user /ID 100 /T WARNING
        /SO MyBatchFile.cmd /D "Maintenance script user logon failed"

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