batch image converter to save 3 different versions

Looking for an image converter that can take a JPEG and convert it to 3 different sizes (KB) and automatically save them in their respective folders.


Folder A (Original Images)

Folder B (Same Size as Folder A) 3 MB
Folder C 150 k size file
Folder D 500 k size file

All files should have the same naming convention.

Would prefer an application which could resize based on file size and not dimaensions or compression.
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There are loads of batch image converters around, but I believe the problem you have already anticipated is going to be the stumbling block, ie. you want to convert the images by file size rather than by resizing them.

To reduce the file size of a JPG image you can resize it, increase the JPEG compression ratio, decrease the colour depth or dots per inch resolution, and perhaps some other modifications.  Different images are likely to be different file sizes to begin with, so it is unlikely that you will be able to apply the same changes to all the images and expect them to end up being the same file sizes.  In addition, all those changes are going to degrade your images to some extent.

I think you will have to experiemnt a lot with your images and settle with getting only approximate file sizes.

The best program around for batch processing images is:
It has a massive number of command line options, but even with that program I do not see a method of outputting converted images all of the same file size.

IrfanView is also very well featured as far as command line options is concerned:
but again I don't know of any method to do what you need.

I do hope that somebody comes along to this question and suggests a method, because I am very curious to know if there is a way of doing this.

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Ray PaseurCommented:
"Would prefer an application which could resize based on file size and not dimaensions or compression."

Never heard of such a thing.  Images are visual by their very nature, and the size / quality are the characteristics we value.  Decide on those attributes and forget about the file size - that's what millions of Photoshop users do, and so far it has worked OK for them.

You can use Photoshop "actions" to automate the processing of image files.  A search for "photoshop action thumbnails" will give some answers that might be useful.

Best of luck with your project, ~Ray
For batch conversions are multiple programs on internet, even some free, depending by features. I used lately Picture Resize Genius

In my view, regarding your request, with fixed size output, is difficult to find one program (also with batch conversion) but let’s look at the background of the problem:
-      I used a lot Photoimpact. You can try the trial version. It has batch conversion, but not with command line – at least not the older version that I use.
-      What is important – and I think you can notice also with other “acceptable” photoeditor is the fact that has a menu Adjust/Resize where you can see the output in KB/MB of the file when you modify some parameters as document size, resolution, …so on.
-      It will never increase by 1KB or a fixed number, meaning when you want a fixed size in KB or MB for your photo/graphics then your new saved picture is not going to look the same as original: in small output size, when the picture will have a lower quality due to lower resolution you may be forced to renounce at the original aspect ratio (width versus height) in order to match the output fixed size in KB/MB.
-      You may not like such results after a lot of work.

My recommendation is:
-      if you find one program able to do the resize job with saving option based on output size (good luck!), then for batch conversions and automated process you can use and additional software from category Windows Macro Automation Tools: 
Thank you kapara
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