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What is the proper way to share out files on Server 2008?  With Server 2003 I'd give authenticated users full control on the share and define NTFS permissions.  In 2008, what's the difference between share and advanced sharing?  Advanced sharing is what I'm used to, but how do the regular share settings affect permissions?
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There really is no difference from what used to be presented in Server 2003. It's a different look. That Basic Share just opens it to everyone very simply, while the Advanced share gives you the cutom share dialog., which enables you to fine tune things. The basic will only really give you Read or Write capability and not much else. It just makes it easier for novices.
The basic share simply shares the file with default paramters, but if you go to advanced sharing you will see the same screen and options that you are used to in server 03.  I always recommend advanced sharing.
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Another perspective - basic sharing is the way inexperienced administrators will typically used.  It's there (from my perspective) because it's there in Win7.  It's just a method of setting up a share using default settings (share name) and a little more detailed selection of share permissions.


Thank you all for your response.  To me that "extra" share option makes it more confusing.  I thought it would somehow factor in to the final permission granted.  I'll increase the points to 150 and grant everyone 50.  Thanks again.

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