DAG ? - New Single Exchange 2010 server, 2nd data center a few months away

markpalinux used Ask the Experts™
Currently upgrading Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.

Looking to see if someone could point me to resources . I want to put in a single Exchange server now and in six months add another, in a remote data center.

Would I configure a DAG now?  I do not want to have to move mailboxes again in six months.

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Solutions Architect
no you don't need to configure dag now, you can install your server now and move all mailboxes to it and create a dag and create mailboxdatabase copies in 6  mmonths.

Exchange 2010 is not like 2007 you don't need to install it aas cluster from the start
Rick FeeMessaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery Engineer
Well you create the DAG in the first datacenter...then once the second datacenter is online just add those servers to the DAG.
AkhaterSolutions Architect
again there is no need to create the dag today, it can be created once the second server is added

Make sure you are installing Exchange Server on Enterprise Version of Windows , otherwise you won’t be able to create "DAG" as others said on existing Server ( you will have to start all over) DAG is for high availability meaning 2 servers, hence won’t apply to you for now.

good place to start reading
Thanks.  I am surprised there are no websites with screen by screen directions for this.

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