CISCO 2811 Error Installing Cisco SDM

Trying to copy cisco sdm to 2811 Router. Keep getting "file copy operation failed". 128MB Flash whish is empty.
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I had a lot of problem installing the SDM on my device also, how are you trying to copy the file.  I had the best success running the installer on my local workstation, which as I recall copied the files needed to the router during the install.
smartini67Author Commented:
Yes I am running the installer from my workstation. Keep getting "File Copy Operation Failed"
Is there a firewall in between you and the router?
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smartini67Author Commented:
We have a Netscreen 25 as default gateway which routes through the Cisco. Should not be blocking anything.
You are connected in this setup?


You could try to connect a laptop to the management port, and run the install from the laptop, to rule out the firewalls involvement.
smartini67Author Commented:
SDM Luancher Intall asks for an IP address or hostname. If I connect to the management port how do I do this install?
is the management port currently handing out DHCP, if so it should give your laptop an ip address, the gateway should be the management port, if you can see the config just check the IP on M0/0, and if it is not DHCP give yourself an IP in that range.
smartini67Author Commented:
I can see the config . . . how do I get the IP on the Management Port M0/0?
sho run interface m0/0

or look at the interface section of the configuration for Management0/0
smartini67Author Commented:
Doesn't exist
You are correct, and I have led you astray.  I was getting the 2811 confused with an ASA, the 2800 series do not have an out of band management port, but do you have a free fastethernet port available?
smartini67Author Commented:
No there are only the 2 configured fa ports.
I have a TFTP server running on my station. I tried to ping form the router in question and it fails. Because this router does not have a connection to the internal network I assume I am wasting my time all around. I will wait to after hours and get this thing on the netowrk correctly.
the best way to do this is directly connected to the local network of the router, trying to pass tftp through the firewall is not impossible but usually requires some work.  If you have time you can schedule down time, configure your network card to the IP range between the firewall and router connect directly to the router via the FA that connects to the firewall and complete the upload then reconnect everything back the way it was.

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smartini67Author Commented:
yes that is what I am going to try now. Thanks
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