Cannot access Fortinet 110c Web-based manager after change to Interface Mode

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I just recently got a new Fortinet 110c and wanted to set the switch to Interface Mode.  I figured out I had to remove the default Firewall policy and then was able to switch it to Interface mode.  I then accessed the Fortinet through the console cable and set the IP address on port 1 to and set allowaccess to ping for testing which I am able to do.  

At this point I'm stuck on how to:

1) allow web based management through Port 1 again.  Right now when I go back to the page doesn't pop up anymore.

2) set up web based management through WAN1 from specific external IP addresses if possible

Thanks in advance,
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Ah figured it out.  RTFM :)

Realized I had to "set allowaccess https" to port1 and it worked.

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