Compaq PC Boots But No Video Output

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I have a Compaq Presario S4020WM pc. The Compaq PC will boot up, but will not display any video. It stays on as long as I don't turn it off. I installed a nVIDIA Geforce PCI video card to see if the integrated motherboard video card was shot. I did not get any video from the nVIDIA either. My question is, Is there any way that I can force video to the PCI card and does the lack of video signal from the integrated video card means that it is shot?
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Do you get video before the POST?  if so, then there may be a video setup within the BIOS to change your video from onboard to PCI or AGP.  Secondly, ATI is a favorable video controller for HP \ Compaq, if you have one laying around that might be a good idea.  Not to sound rediculous, but have you tried a different monitor?  typically if a system board \ processor is damaged to not allow video then it will not boot at all.  Remove any additional hardware that was installed before proceeding and try to get the PC back to "basics".

Try resetting the cmos. Take the battery out of the motherboard for a couple of seconds, and place it back in and then try again.

Have you checked the connections to the monitor?  You also may want to try another monitor to make sure that it is the card.  Also did you check the minimum power output needed for the card before inserting it?  You may want to check the motherboard to make sure you haven't blown any of the capacitors.  If you have they will be raised like this:

This is an extreme depiction.

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@ Twisted Logic - I do not get any video before the POST. Yes I have tried a couple of monitors, but I will try one more just to be sure. Thanks

@ fluk3d - I will reset the CMOS and let you know how it goes... Thanks

@a0vanc01 - I will check the minimum power output needed and see if they are in the same realm. Also I check the motherboard for any blown capacitors.

Thanks guys for your replies and will test these out and let you know how it goes.

Are you sure it is booting and not just running? There is a difference. If it's booting you should see some activity on the hdd access led. It should be blinking.
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my suggestion is to reduce the system to minimum setup : only mobo, cpu, 1 ram stick, video card, keyb+mouse to avoid devices blocking the system.
you can also swap devices : ram cards
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Hello CCCHelp,

You have been given some very good suggestion from our EE members.  Nobus suggestions would be the first that implement as they will lead you to a 'base line' or the minimum hardware configuration where 'things' are working; This is a major position to be at.  The key here is that you should see something at POST if not, then the battle starts there.

Something to watch for.  When you power up the system, the most monitors have a LED on the front.  Generally this LED is AMBER and after a few second (Less then 10) it will turn GREEN or BLUE depending on the manufacture.  The POST process is to first test basic CPU functions, then Memory then initialize the video, this is when the LED changes color.  It would be key to know if this process does in fact occur.  If not, then reduce the hardware to the bare minimum.

If you do see some sort of POST or vendor splash screen, and nothing after, then you may want to download Bart's PE Bootabled CD to see if you have a Windows driver or Windows OS corruption issue - this path is only taken if you see something in the POST.

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1st thing i would do is grab a known good monitor (and it's cables) to test with the system as is and for future tests.  
If no pic, then i'd strip the system down so it's only PSU, MB, CPU and RAM.
If still no pic i'd leave the base system but reset the CMOS (this will set BIOS settings to default, in an ordinary case your integrated graphics would become usable).
If still no pic, i'd try new RAM and a new PSU (not necessarily new, just known good). If you have a mainboard speaker, it'll help because of audible boot error codes.   On a side note... i'd be testing the original RAM, graphics card and PSU on another system if you have one.  This will help you know that they are OK.
If they test OK, and known good components in your system don't get you a pic, i'd be replacing the mainboard.  It is highly unlikely that the CPU would be faulty (because as you said the system powers on OK).
The aim here is to get the system to give a picture and start the PowerOnSelfTest(POST).  From there you can go into BIOS and adjust settings if needed and add your expansion components back in.

Good luck buddy.

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