How to get Exchange 2003 to route to external email address

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I have a customer that has SBS 2003, they have 2 external domains (lets call them and previously they had both domains MX records pointing to the exchange server. Recently has been moved over to google apps and the mx records modified to reflect that. Everything works fine and dandy except the users that are on cannot send email to the 1 user on I think this is because exchange still thinks he mailbox is internal and is delivering it there. SInce I figured that was the issue I deleted his old mailbox since all the mail has been moved to the new google apps mailbox hoping that would tell exchange this mailbox is no longer here. Well that is what it did, now they get a NDR saying his mailbox does not exist. How do I tell exchange to send this message out to the new google apps mailbox?

Mark RohrbeckOwner - Celera IT ServicesAsked:
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Did you remove from the recipient policies?
AkhaterSolutions ArchitectCommented:
in your exchange system manager find the Recipient policies

edit them and find the one containing the domain that was moved, and delete the domain (not the whole policy jusst the domain )

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Mark RohrbeckOwner - Celera IT ServicesAuthor Commented:
Thank you, that is exactly what I needed. "Akhater:" explained exactly how to do it so most the points got assigned there. I hope this is fair.
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