Cannot delete Local (Custom) domain in virtual smtp server

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I have a windows 2003 server running default virtual smtp server.  I had to mess with the settings because my ISP changed its authentication method and I haven't been able to send email every since.  In the process of trying to figure this out, I've created a custom domain that can't be deleted.  This is what I have.

dg   Local (Default)    Local (Custom)

dg is the name of the server

How can I delete the  Right Click does not give option to delete.  

I have another question that I'll make an additional post for on how to properly setup smtp server for outgoing mail using port 587.  I keep getting an error message on a bad reporting MTA of and I don't know where to change that setting.

Your help is appreciated.
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I would start by uninstalling the SMTP Service,...and possibly never put it back.

Where is the real mail server?
Why do you have an internal SMTP Server to start with?


I have an IIS application that uses it to send email confirmations after an order is placed.   It's always worked until my ISP stopped allowing email on port 25.  Is there a better way to do it?
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It's alright for an IIS App like this.
You should not change anything on it other than the way it connects to the upstream SMTP Server (the ISP's).
Do this by:
1. Properties of the SMTP Virtual Server (not the "Domian")
2. Select the Delivery Tab
3. Select the Outbound Connections Button
4. Set the TCP Port to 587
5. I am assuming that the ISP is using the regular SMTP,...not  SMTPS.  I do not believe you can use SMTPS with this.  But I'll admit I'm not real big on the SMTP Service in IIS.  I'm sure there are things I don't know about it.
I don't know how to remove the extra domain,...I don't have an SMTP Service on hand that I can experiment with,...the only one I have is in production , only has one Domain,...and it is not removable (it has to have at least one domain).  But uninstalling SMTP and reinstalling it should put it be to "original".
I found the answer for the extra domain name.  You have to edit the metabase.xml file to remove it and then restart IIS.

As for the Proper MTA, I've also found a partial solution for that as well.  Under System Properties, click the Computer Name tab, then click Change and then click MORE.  Part of the solution is to put in a Primary DNS suffix.  I've also got to install DNS to run on this server which it is not at the moment.


My solution was the correct answer to my question.

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