Groupwise to Exchange migration.

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Hi experts,

I'm assisting in a small Groupwise to Exchange 2007 migration. There are 8 total mailboxes. What have some of you done to migrate such a small organization?

We'll be installing a new server with Microsoft small business server 2008 and building a whole new domain with all new PC's. Basically just need to get the email, calendar, notes, tasks, contacts etc from Groupwise and into Exchange.

Thanks for any help!
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When we migrated 50 boxes four years ago we used Transend Migrator.  It gave us an archive that could be viewd at a later date.  Migration was quite successful.
Thanks pjam I saw Transend and Quest's solution. Just wasn't sure if there was a simpler way being the office is so small. Outlook has the ability to do a file/export to pst. That would be great.

Yes you will probably use the pst files after the migration.  The problem is in being able to read the old GW emails when it is gone, and Transend did a great job of that.  And i believe it is per box cost so 8 should be minimal.
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Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing Partner

I completed a migration of about 15 mailboxes earlier this year with a PST export/import.  Some of the 15 users had extremely large mailboxes and we had to export one folder structure at a time for them.  One user had nine PST files but we got everything.  You simply open GroupWise with the Outlook 2003 or 2007 client (be sure that the GW Client is also installed on the computer) and use the Import/Export command process under the File menu.  You can export an entire mailbox (excluding contacts/address books) or just an individual folder structure.

I've also used the Transend utility and it works well.

To export address books, you will need to do those separately with the GW Client.  Export them individually as NAB files but change the extension on the file to .CSV before you try to import them into Outlook/Exchange.  You'll have to do some file mapping during the import of the .CSV file for things like company, phone number and about 7 or 8 other fields.

Thanks for the reply Scott.

So if I'm reading correctly I can install Outlook on the machines and connect it to groupwise and do my exports that way?

 Currently they use the Groupwise mail client but installing Outlook would not be an issue.

Can you explain the steps on connecting Outlook to groupwise? I've never done that before.
Sr. Consultant/Managing Partner
If the GroupWise client is already installed, installing the Outlook client will see and be able to use the GroupWise profile info in the Control Panel | Mail.  You don't have to really do anything other than verify that the Mail applet appears in Control panel and that you can see some GroupWise items.  You may have to re-install the GW client after installing Outlook to get it to work.

Double-click on Outlook and it will automatically attach to the GW POA and prompt for the GW password.  Enter that and you're in.  Go to the file menu and start the export process.

Thanks for the help!

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