Format multiple fields in sql reporting services

I have a report that has to output multiple fields and then I need to format a summary at the end.  I am using a table control and that works well for the body of the data (I am using just 1 field in the body and letting the field expand as needed for the data).  The problem is I need multiple fields for the footer.  I have included what it should look like in the code portion (since this is hard to visualize)
Header Information
Line 1 data that can expand and go on and on for     $300
many lines.

Line 2 data that can also go on and on for many      $100

This is the footer
Premium   Member   Spouse   Child   Family
Monthly   27.50     30.25   28.80  35.00
Weekly     7.50      9.25    8.20  10.50

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Tim HumphriesDirectorCommented:

One approach would be to define a separate table, reference the same data set but group the data differently to match the aggregates you require, rather than trying to shoehorn this into a report footer. You then have full control of the format of the summary area.


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ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
Another approach would be to put a table inside the footer cell of your current table.  This would be called "nested tables", in case you'd like to look up more info regarding that.
fredstovAuthor Commented:
Both solutions are viable and I will try both.  Thank you both
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