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We currenlty use XenApp, XenServer, and the Access Gateway.  I am developing systems for a XenDesktop pilot.  The provisionng server and DDC/Web interface servers are currently separate hardware.  The XenDeskop image is presented via XenServer.  

The problem I am having is the master XenDestop images keeps coming up with both provisioning network and public/private (or routed) networks as being denined connection, as they are "unknown".  

How do I fix this?  

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Hey Tom,

      Sounds pretty strange. Did you install the XenServer tools to the image your using? From an architecture standpoint you treat virtual desktops exactly the same as you would physical. I would try the normal steps. Disable the windows firewall. Check your network settings.
Turns out the internal DHCP for the XenDesktop side was giving out the DNS servers, and that should have come from my regular DHCP servers.  


DHCP configuration issue.

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