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I have create some stationary for our company within Outlook  2007 on a PC. Saved it as a html file.

I then imported this onto my laptop that runs outlook 2003. The images have also been copied across.

I have copied the images across to the template directory in application data, etc.

However when I load up a new e-mail it cannot display the images

It lists the images at the top:

Attachments: image001.jpg; image003.jpg; image005.jpg; image007.jpg; image009.jpg

However the images were not called that when they were imported.

Any ideas on why the images are not being displayed?

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The HTML file is referencing those image files, so those files would have to be renamed.

The other alternative is to change the file names in the HTML document to reflect the new names.

This should allow the page to display the images properly.


I have done it so the html displays correctly.

When I load the stationary as a outlook e-mail message, the attachment line disappears, but the images still do not appear.

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