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I want to change the clour of a gif and a few others like it aswell, what would be the best way to change the attached file to the following colour

#0098d8 file
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There are softwares that open and extract all the gif files and even the sequences. Then use GIMP or similar to edit the color you want


how do i change the colour with GImp??
Here is a toolbar:

You will have to use the wand tool and then click on the color you want, GIMP will select and create a mask around it. Now select the filler tool and select the color you want to fill in with and click on the masked area. That is it. Almost all image editor tool have this option.
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any idea how to do in photoshop i am not getting that far with The Gimp
The easy way in Photoshop is to:
  1. open the gif in Photoshop
  2. go to image mode, and change it to RGB
  3. double click the foreground color box in the left side tool bar
  4. input the color you want in the bottom color field and hit ok, or enter
  5. Now select the color replacement tool by clicking and holding the left mouse button on the brush tool to expose the color replacement tool.
  6. With the color replacement tool selected, make sure the top toolbar option for the color replacement tool is set to color instead of the other settings (luminosity, hue, etc..)
  7. Now click and drag the color replacement brush tool over the image to replace the color.
  8. Navigate to the top toolbar and select image mode and switch back to indexed
  9. Choose file>save for web and devices
  10. In the options that appear select GIF and change the colors to 4 and select OK.
Here is a sample of your button if you follow these directions:



thank you!
You are welcome.

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