Problem connecting to OWA EXCH 2007 from outside

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I cannot connect to the OWA from the outside.  From inside it works fine.  I know this is a firewall issue.  I have a firebox x750e but I dont know how I would enabled access to it?  Do I need to create a access rule with a NAT static map?
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How many usable IP's do you have?      If all your roles are on one server you just need to add an allow port 443 to your internal ip.  

To create a NAT:  Firewall -->  NAT  -->   Set the public ip and Exchange CAS internal IP as the private.

Next Firewall -->  Incoming -->  HTTPS set to allow and set to that of the private IP of the CAS server
Yes. You need access rule to open ports 80 and 443 on the firewall. Also you need to create a NAT for the external ip address to point to the internal ip of the CAS server...
Make sure the External DNS (e.g., or  is pointing to the external ip address of the CAS server.

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